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We all feel uplifted when we laugh.  But do we laugh enough? When was the last time you laughed for real, a big hearty belly laugh?  Some people can go for years with life taking over: work, childcare, trauma, bad news… the list is endless.

Once people start laughing on a regular basis it brings changes in their behaviour, lifts their spirits giving them a lease for life.

A study by Doctor Lee Berk divided heart attack patients into two groups:

Humour group – 30 minutes laughing a day

Non humour

He found that the non-humour group had two and a half more recurrent heart attacks.  The humour group had fewer anhythmias, lower blood pressure, lower levels of stress and needed less pain relief medication.

Laughing yoga – laughing for no reason was formed in 1995 and is still going strong in over 100 countries.

Kate runs one off laughter corporate workshops as well as laughter sessions in the Yoga Cabin.